March 20, 2012

Space and Culture – Mekan ve Kültür

Mekan ve Kültür  is the book, edited by Emine after the  Space and Culture 2011 Sixth International Cultural Studies Conference. The Sixth International Cultural Studies Conference, Space and Culture 2011, took place in İstanbul on the 8th to the 11th of September 2011. Cultural Studies Association, Turkey and Kadir Has University supported the conference.

Beside the preparation of the book, Emine nearly done all the process with very limited help.

February 22, 2012

Complexity of Socio-Spatial Transformations through Tourism: A Mediterranean Village, Kaleköy

İncirlioğlu, E. O. and, Çulcuoğlu, G. wrote “Complexity of Socio-Spatial Transformations through Tourism: A Mediterranean Village, Kaleköy” in Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change.


This article reflects on the complex consequences of tourism development in the isolated Mediterranean village of Kaleköy. Built on the antique city of Simena of the 4th century BC and having remnants also from Hellenistic, Byzantine and Ottoman periods, Kaleköy’s main source of livelihood since the 1980s has been tourism. Multiple changes that take place simultaneously at the local level, in relation to or as a consequence of tourism, are conceptualised as interrelated transformations that may fall under the four major headings of economy, demography, spatial organisation and cognition. Defining culture as ‘everything learned’, these transformations amount to a radical change in the local culture, which now includes a culture of tourism. Based on ethnographic research, the article aims to demonstrate the complexity of changes in physical, as well as economic and social structures as they pertain to tourism.


February 22, 2012

Cultural Diversity, Public Space, Aesthetics and Power

In 1999 İncirlioğlu, E. O. and, Tandoğan, Z.G. wrote “Cultural diversity, Public Space, Aesthetics and Power,” European Journal of Intercultural Studies, 10 (1): 51-61.

The abstract;

In this paper we argue that issues of inclusion and exclusion to public space can be examined by invoking the principle of “aesthetics”. Those that are aesthetically pleasing, tasteful, or desirable are allowed in public spaces, yet these characteristics are defined through social and cultural mechanisms. Differences between cultural groups in terms of body movement, proximity relationships, definition of personal space, clothing, and other visible features, are evaluated and judged through the filter of power relations. Numerous non‐European migrants who reside in the North experience discrimination as a result of being “visible foreigners”. They are not welcome in public areas and they do not meet the prevalent aesthetic standards, defined by the dominant discourse around aesthetics. This trend obstructs the development of multicultural coexistence and the possibility of transnationalism. In order to realise cultural expression for all, we extend an invitation to scrutinise power inequalities by means of multicultural educational programs.


February 22, 2012

Méthodos: Kuram ve Yöntem Kenarından

Emine wrote an article named  “Çingeneleri Araştırmak: Bilime Sızan Önyargılar ve Savunmacı Sosyal Bilim,” in Méthodos: Kuram ve Yöntem Kenarından (edited by Dilek Hattatoğlu and Gökçen Ertuğrul Apaydın). İstanbul: Anahtar Kitaplar.

ISBN: 9789758612543

February 22, 2012

Barıştan Barışla Barışa




Dr. Emine Onaran İncirlioğlu with Dr. Kumru Arapgirlioğlu have edited and prepared a book in the memory of Barış Eyikan Kılınç whom a very close friend of Emine.

The book can be seen at this link.

Bilkent Loses Barış Eyikan in Trafik Accident

February 22, 2012

Hasan Fethi : Tasarım – Mekân – Kültür Bağlantıları

You may find Hasan Fethi (Hassan Fathy)’s book review in Turkish by following this link.

February 22, 2012

Deconstructing Images of The Turkish Woman

You may find the chapter, written by Emine, Images of Village Women in Turkey: Models and Anomalies in the book of Deconstructing Images of The Turkish Woman.

February 22, 2012

A Book Review by Emine Onaran İncirlioğlu

Journal of American Studies of Turkey
6 (1997) : 65-67.
Book Review
Placemaking: Production of Built Environment in Two Cultures by David Stea and Mete Turan. 1993, 382 pages. Available from: Avebury, Ashgate Publishing Limited, Gower House, Croft Road, Aldershot, Hants GU11 3HR England; or Ashgate Publishing Company, Old Post Road, Brookfield, Vermont 05036, USA.

A Book Review by Emine Onaran İncirlioğlu

February 22, 2012

Popular Culture and High Culture – Popüler Kültür ve Yüksek Kültür

Herbert J. Gans‘ book of Popular Culture and High Culture has been puplished under the name of Popüler Kültür ve Yüksek Kültür in Turkey, translated by Emine Onaran İncirlioğlu in 2005.

ISBN: 978-975-08-1018-X